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Still, and silent

Owl | Guess | Capricorn

Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru
Hello mortals, my name is Owl and I am your God.

....okay maybe not.

Hi! I'm Owl and I like drawing small colourful horses for both my pleasure and yours. I like owls, books, Gravity Falls, drawing, and writing, even if I'm no good at those last two. Please enjoy your stay here, and feel free to talk to me!

Gold, and diamond

~ Valentines Commissions (OPEN)So in the heat of the moment I decided to do some valentines-y commissions! I don't currently have specific examples so to anyone who has the faith in me to buy stuff, I love you! <3 Sparkly Mabel 
Couple Headshots - 150 :points: each! 

Couple Fullbodies - 300 :points: each! 

Cell shading costs an extra 100 :points:!
Also for those who just want regular commissions:
Headshot - 100 :points:
Fullbody - 200 :points: 
Cell shading - +50 :points:

Detail Headshot (Singular) - 400 :points:

And specially for Valentines I'm opening a slot for one of these things!

It'll be a bidding thing,

~ Random Fusion Requests (open)EDIT: I did think I made it obvious but it turns out I didn't, but I'm stealing this idea from JmyQ, who is doing much, MUCH better ones than mine so you should probably go look at those instead.
Note: Please, try and use ferals as well. I need to work on drawing them qvq
I need something to doodle, and after watching Jmy do these a few days ago I kinda wanted to make my own, so yessssss
They'll only be sketches with a bit of colour haha
Basically, just pick a character from here ( and link one of yours. I can do ponies/ferals.
These aren't first come first serve but I'll try my best. I'll feature the ones I'm considering, which will be a lot lol
ACK forgot to add but CS might cause problems, so if possible could you go with normal OC's for now (exclusively darkness ponies are allowed because I like ponies with fancy glowing markings and both of them are pretty)
#1 - Candyheart - LemonDreamVA's Cotton Heart X Cand

Into the night, out of the dark


Core from Blue-Rainfall
Blue boxes by CypherVisor

Art by Blue-Rainfall, Brynnerz, and blacksky1113
Star dividers by Namiiru
Art Staus Stamps by Blue-Rainfall


:iconamberam-cloud: :iconhearthrobs: :iconpatisserie-stables: :iconwithering-spirits:

Calm before the storm

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Jewels behind the throne

To-Do List

:bulletpurple: Cocktail Colt comm. for SkittlezDragonzArtz
:bulletpurple: Chib for SwimmingWolf132
:bulletpurple: 3/3 Contest prizes for blacksky1113

Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru

Waiting On

:bulletpurple: Cauldron Patisserie from omnisiyeah
:bulletpurple: Shadow Gemlet from HesitantRyder
:bulletpurple: Sugar Skull and Pumpkin from Princess-Tati
:bulletpurple: OTA payment from Shynaii
:bulletpurple: 3/3 Grottoling fullbodies from Ender-Nova
:bulletpurple: 2/2 Withering Spirit Fullbodies from Starshade001
:bulletpurple: Constance Icon from Blue-Rainfall

Take to the sky, chasing the stars



Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru

Inspirational People!



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Most useless gift of 14 points ever, but I'll take it xD Thank you 
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I guessed what you needed them for XP
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